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Detrás de las Paredes (Behind The Walls), by Marcelo Toledo and multiple photographers - A collection of 14 sculptures that represent the physical and mental traumas endured by victims of gender-based violence, accompanied by photographs of the survivors.
Donut touch me, by Soofiya - A zine about not liking people touching you. About feeling uncomfortable with physical contact.
Eye Water #3, by @snippedmyheart - Detailing characteristics/signs of emotional and psychological abuse, how it can impact people, and personal experiences of the author.
Muther Fucker: Reasons 2 Hate My Mum’s Ex-Boyfriend, Multiple Authors - Experiences of people and their mother’s partners.
Paradise Lost, by Emily Macinnes - A collection of photographic portraits of and interviews with male survivors of child sexual abuse recounting their experiences, intended to challenge shame and stigma around the subject.
Performance, by One Beat Zines - An anthology of stories about performance/performing: gender, sexuality, identity, socially.
Take It As A Compliment, by Maria Stoian - Illustrated collection of anonymous survivor stories, received online, through emails, and interviews.
The Figure in Art (School), by Maria Stoian - An employee in an art gallery’s experience of harassment.
The Unstraight A, by Jack Fallows - A zine on abuse, asexuality, and agender identity.
Uncovered Voices, by Multiple Authors - A collection of work created by survivors of sexual and domestic abuse in Scotland.
Wellbeing and Selfcare Factsheet, by Galop UK - Suggestions of different ways survivors can work towards better wellbeing by Galop UK, an LGBT+ anti-violence charity.

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This section is a work in progress that will have collections curated by members to highlight aspects of our Library that might not otherwise be found together.

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