About the Collection

Browse our current list of resources here, while our collection is under construction. All resources have been reviewed and labelled for content warnings and acceptable content unless otherwise stated. We don’t allow anything that promotes transphobia, racism, SWERFs, fatphobia, ableism, abuse or assault apologism, homophobia or anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, or content created by abusers. We’re looking for more volunteers to review our resources, find out more here – you don’t need to be a survivor. We especially need reviews from people who experience transphobia, racism, fatphobia, or ableism, &/or are sex workers or LGBTQIA+.

Our Future Collection

We are building a collection of resources to be accessed online as well as physically in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are working towards an online collection with an advanced tagging system and curated lists, as well as downloadable content where possible, to allow for the most accessible library we can build. We hope that this will allow for future physical Survivors Library collections to exist internationally.