Review a Resource

Thank you for your interest in reviewing a resource. To review a resource, please choose any number of items from our page of unreviewed resources and fill out this form for each item. We encourage you to look at resources that are of most interest and relevance to you, and you are welcome to review as few or as many items as you want.

Who can review a resource?

Anyone – survivors and non-survivors alike! We especially need reviews from people who experience any of the following: transphobia, racism, fatphobia, or ableism, and/or are sex workers or LGBTQIA+.

Why are resources reviewed?

We believe survivors deserve access to resources that don’t perpetuate harm and oppression. We don’t allow anything that promotes transphobia, racism, SWERFs, fatphobia, ableism, abuse or assault apologism, homophobia or anti-LGBTQIA sentiments, or content created by abusers. We prioritise the collection and creation of resources by, for, and about survivors who experience those oppressions.

Currently, we allow items into our library that have been reviewed by at least 1 person – ideally we would have multiple reviewers per item, but there are too many resources and too few reviewers. However, reviews of items that have already been included into the library are welcome, as well as contacting us about an item that doesn’t align with our values.