Next to the Knives: Narratives of survival after sexual assault (By and for QTPOC), published by Brushfire Press

Content Warnings: Abuse and Assault Types: Other Keywords Resource Types: Stalking Sexual Zine Child Incarceration Murder Not being believed Suicide Police Revenge

Stories of surviving sexual assault by and for QTPOC. Includes: Solidarity through support and revenge; Why I Didn’t/Did Report, facts on sexual violence from the Sexual Assault Violence Resource Center; and a call to action for Cynthia Brown. 

Paradise Lost, by Emily Macinnes

Content Warnings: Abuse and Assault Types: Parental Emotional Sibling United Kingdom About the Survivors: Men Perpetrators: Family Friend Unclear if survivor Family Other Keywords Photography Christianity Women Drugs Resource Types: Sexual Religious community member Ring Child Graphic text School staff Staff State Stranger Not being believed Self blame Suicide Religion

A collection of photographic portraits of and interviews with male survivors of child sexual abuse recounting their experiences, intended to challenge shame and stigma around the subject.

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