POC Guide to Glasgow/In Residence, by Glasgow School of Art POC Society

Content Warnings: Perpetrators: Other Keywords Resource Types: Zine State Racism

List of resources by and for POC in Glasgow (health and support services, hair and skincare, language support, clubs/gallery spaces/community centres, art, audio online, supermarkets, restaurants). In Residence: POC Society Manifesto and exhibition information and artist list, and a conversation between some members of the Society. POC survivors are given far less support than white survivors.

Paradise Lost, by Emily Macinnes

Content Warnings: Abuse and Assault Types: Parental Emotional Sibling United Kingdom About the Survivors: Men Perpetrators: Family Friend Unclear if survivor Family Other Keywords Photography Christianity Women Drugs Resource Types: Sexual Religious community member Ring Child Graphic text School staff Staff State Stranger Not being believed Self blame Suicide Religion

A collection of photographic portraits of and interviews with male survivors of child sexual abuse recounting their experiences, intended to challenge shame and stigma around the subject.

For more information, see http://www.elysee.ch/en/exhibitions-and-events/videos/emily-macinnes/