Create Resources

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Survivors Library is focusing on developing two of the biggest resources we’ve created to support survivors: our collection of resources, and our weekly chats for survivors. Find our more about how to get involved here.

We’re running a Survivors-only space and creative workshop on July 18th as part of the Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair. Keep up to date on our upcoming events here and on our social media.

We’d love to run more events, workshops, and spaces for survivors, but we need people to lead on these initiatives. As a survivor-led, non-hierarchical collective, anyone can get involved. If you’re organised and have an idea, or want to realise one of the ideas survivors have suggested in the past, get in contact and we can help you by promoting your idea on social media and connect you with our network of survivors.

We’ve also run workshops and meetings, developed a Survivors Library Guide to the Edinburgh Fringe 2019, and organised a Survivors Library Festival that’s been postponed due to the pandemic.