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Weekly Online Chatrooms Schedule (August)
Book Week Scotland (November 2020)
Survivors Festival (TBC)

Weekly Online Chatrooms

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re running weekly online, text-only, anonymous-as-you-like chatrooms. Find out more about our chats and join in by visiting our Chat page. We update our calendar here and on social media at the start of every month.

August schedule:
6 August – Chat for survivors of abuse at home
13 August – Chat for POC & Black Survivors (2 rooms)
20 August – Chat for S*x Workers
27 August – Open Space – All Survivors Welcome

Book Week Scotland (November 2020)

Survivors Library has received funding from Book Week Scotland to run an event in November! We’ll be posting details of our workshop soon here and on social media.

Survivors Fest

We’ve been planning a day-long festival for survivors and their supporters in Edinburgh including workshops, stalls, music and performances, socials, and more. While Covid-19 has led to us postponing, we’re still crowdfunding and planning the festival. To find out more including how to get involved visit our SLFest2020 page.