Monthly Online Chatroom

During the pandemic, we’re running weekly chats: See the schedule here.

We run a monthly online text-only (no video or voice) chatroom for survivors only where you can be as anonymous as you want to be and talk about anything. The next monthly chat is after the lockdown, 6-7:30pm (GMT/UK time).

How it works

  • Contact us for links (we use and we’ll send them to you on the day
  • 2 chat rooms, join 1 or both: 1 for anything, 1 with no triggering/stressful content
  • Talking isn’t necessary, you can just be present and drop in/out anytime
  • Anonymity: You choose your name, just include pronouns (eg user123_they)
  • No video or voice, just type on your phone or computer
  • No records, messages disappear: No one sees earlier messages when entering the room, leaving and re-entering (or losing connection) will also wipe the chat
  • No saving/screenshotting the conversation, don’t share content from the chat outside of the chat unless given consent
  • Content/trigger warn your messages
  • The chat is peer-run, meaning we aren’t mental health professionals, we’re just fellow survivors. Please take note of your triggers and arrange for aftercare or support for yourself.
  • No tolerance of: racism, LGBTQIA+phobia, fatphobia, ableism, antisemitism, fascism, anti-sex work sentiments, victim blaming, abuse/rs.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Survivors Library or the mod in the chat via the sidebar.