SL Fest 2020 – Covid-19 Update

Our crowdfund is live! To donate, visit our gofundme.

Festival 2020: Postponed, but still crowdfunding

By bringing survivors and our loved ones together in person, combatting isolation lies at the heart of SL Fest 2020. In light of Covid-19 guidance to practice social distancing and self isolation, we’re postponing the festival until it’s safe to run and is accessible for everyone.

We’re continuing to work on the festival and are keeping our crowdfunder running: After isolation and social distancing, bringing people together and healing will be more important than ever. To donate and find out more about the festival, visit our gofundme or paypal.
If postponing requires you to withdraw your donation, please contact us (see below).

If you want to get involved with programming or organising the festival, or are interested in running a workshop, talk, or stall, please contact us (see below).

What else we’re doing during the outbreak

During this difficult and isolating period, we’re redirecting our time and efforts to other ways of supporting survivors and the people who care about them. Here’s how:

  • More frequent online chats and events offering support, socialising, and creative collaboration
  • Sharing and collecting more resources on social media and our online library
  • Facilitating the creation of more resources, creative projects, and discussion especially about how trauma and isolation intersect/interact
  • Funding applications to make our online library more advanced and accessible

If you want to help with supporting survivors during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, or have suggestions for how else we can help, please contact us (see below).

How you can help and get involved in our collective

Anyone can help out or get involved, not just survivors. We’re a non-hierarchical collective that’s entirely volunteer run by people who share our principles (read here). Here are some ways to get involved now – contact us if you’re interested!:

  • Volunteer to moderate online support, social, or creative chats
  • Help organise and facilitate creative collaboration (eg zinemaking)
  • Review and label resources for content warnings
  • Help research and complete funding applications to build our library/archive
  • Send us any resources by, for, or about survivors of trauma, abuse, or assault
  • Join our online chats and contribute to our creative projects
  • Contribute to running costs on our new PayPal Pool

Contact Us twitter: @survivorslib ig: survivorslibrary